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Story in Hide - The Hard Works of Delivery During Holiday Season

Story in Hide - The Hard Works of Delivery During Holiday Season
CJNov. 30, 2018 09:34:322461








The internet nowadays has made purchasing online so much easier and convenient that I wonder if consumers nowadays still remember that their packages were handled by at least 10 people before it gets from the factory to their hands. At 6:30 pm these USPS drivers finished loading our packages, but they still have to haul these to the processing center that's 30 mins away.


Once these packages get there, the processing center immediately arranges for the orders to be processed, and those workers work until 11:00 pm at night, the center starts at 4:30 am again and resume work during the holiday season.


USPS processing centers are working around the clock trying to get shipments to customers as soon as possible, but because they work at the backend, their efforts were not publicized and often oversight and underappreciated. They are the ones that were able to give your customers updates on the tracking numbers.
Just as CJ Dropshipping.com is doing the best in providing a platform that can serve all the customers, our customers don't see how our teammate is frantically calling different suppliers just so that we can get the existing inventory in order to fulfill our customer's order; how our processing team tries to get all the labels printed and sorted working around the clock, how our purchasing team negotiate prices with suppliers until their teeth bleed, or how our shipping carriers are trying to sort out all the packages by destination hoping to see the floor that they are standing on.
Sure, we can be like other suppliers that only serve big customers that runs thousands of orders per day, which will be so much easier to pre-stock with the factory and process the return the same day because there's existing stock; but neglecting dropshippers that are just starting with the business and that needs a partner to help to get to the next level of their business doesn't adhere to CJ Dropshipping.com's vision. I really appreciate US Postal Service's effort since I'm here in the warehouse watching how hard these guys work in person. I am also grateful to have our teammates at CJ Dropshipping.com that's working so hard to make our dropshipper's Q4 a blast this holiday. Stay warm everyone! 😀



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