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The Shipping Price of EPacket Had Increased, Why Not Try out Effective CJPacket

The Shipping Price of EPacket Had Increased, Why Not Try out Effective CJPacket
CJNov. 14, 2018 05:26:232453


According to the latest news, the Wish had published an official note. It notified that the ePacket was removed from its approved shipping method list, and the WishPost-EUB was recommended instead. In the meantime, the online docking between them had been completed. It means that the customers can choose the WishPost-EUB in the shipping method list to fulfill the order. This movement improved efficiency and shipping stability. Besides, it suggested the tendency of developing a unique logistic way that connected closely to the original platform, which actually strengthened the convenience of post work, such as the shipping tracking, thus brought the customers a better shipping experience.



Available Countries Until March. 2020, and Adding More Countries.


AT Austria
AU Australia
BE Belgium
BR Brazil
CA Canada
DE Germany
ES Spain
FI Finland
FR France
GB United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
IN India
IT Italy
MX Mexico
NL Netherlands (the)
SE Sweden
TH Thailand
US United States of America (the)
VN Viet Nam


In addition, The Bloomberg News released that President Trump plans to stop foreign goods from flooding into America at a lower price by canceling the discount of international postal. This will definitely increase the price of ePacket. As a matter of fact, our ePacket shipper carriers have already announced that they will be raising the price for the peak season in 2018. The goal behind President Trump’s decision is to nurture domestic trade. Therefore, It’s obvious that ePacket is no longer a wise option now. Why not try CJ’s own CJPacket shipping method.


In the meantime, after realizing the shortcomings of ePacket, with the aim to bring our customers a satisfactory shipping experience, the CJPacket shipping method was recommended. And CJ had settled warehouses in the US, you can either pre-stock your products there or ship your products out of there. Both are of great convenience.


Here are some advantages of CJPacket shipping method compared with ePacket:


  1. First of all, the CJPacket shipping method had always been kept the lowest shipping price and brought the customers the shortest shipping period. For example, to ship a product weight 300g to the US, the shipping cost by ePacket is $5.05 while that by CJPacket shipping method is $4.82. And the ePacket took about 7-20 Day(s) while the CJPacket shipping method took about 5 to 10 days. The difference is obvious.
  2. CJ’s own CJPacket shipping method has a steady delivery date of 5-10 days whereas ePacket in peak season to the US might take up to 30-45 days. That is to say that even during peak seasons, such as Chinese New Year, the shipping period wouldn’t fluctuate.
  3. The CJPacket shipping method is connected closely with our platform, it is more convenient to track and update the shipping conditions, and the customers will be more settled down.
  4. CJ will have insurance/protection of the shipping from China to the US, so you don’t need to worry about the accident during shipping. Just wait till your products arrived.
  5. Since the ePacket had reached its full capacity now, the CJPacket shipping method had absorbed various meaningful experiences from other shipping methods, and had overcome the shortcomings, thus built its own complete shipping route.


*Note: The fastest shipping method is USPS+, a US domestic shipping method.


Since we have warehouses in the US, you can pre-stock your products in CJ’s US warehouse and drop shipping from there, both are of great convenience. Here are the advantages of using our US warehouse to pre-store and drop shipping:


Pre-stocking in the US warehouse:


  1. We provide free US warehouses for you with no charge of loading fees, warehouse fees, storage fees, and fulfillment fees, all you have to do is to pay a 30% deposit on the value of the stock, and we will stock the entire stock for you in our US warehouse
  2. The level of stock will be available instantly in your CJ platform with real-time updates so you can keep track of the inventory level. So that your hot-selling items will not run out of inventory even if the manufacturer is on vacation.
  3. Our US warehouse has provided you with the most professional management personnel with best warehouse management experience.
  4. CJ’s US warehouses enable you to open up the overseas market with the lowest investment and the shortest time, and help accumulate more resources to expand your target market, and then gradually embark on the road of becoming a successful businessman.


Using CJ’s US warehouse to drop shipping:


  1. The logistics cost is lower as the products are directly delivered from CJ’s US warehouse to customers, which is equivalent to domestic express delivery.
  2. And it's cheaper than hiring your own operator to handle orders or renting your own warehouse to manage inventory.
  3. Faster delivery time, which solves the time required by complicated operation procedures of transportation, customs clearance, customs clearance, and other aspects, which enables faster and more efficient overseas delivery.
  4. Automatic and efficient processing of returns. If your customer wants to return the product, they can be returned directly to CJ’s US warehouse, during which the additional cost of both time and money and other losses of domestic and overseas round-trip clearance can be avoided.


Please head over to the USA Warehouse to check the product list that can be shipped out from CJ’s US warehouse.




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