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CJ2018-06-12 03:30:0719

We are having a fantastic deal for dropshippers who are looking for a fast, secure, and stable method of getting items to your customers.

Instead of waiting for ePacket's 12-20 days of delivery time to dropship items from China to the US Warehouse, you can place a 30% deposit down on the product that you would like us to pre-stock in our US dropshipping warehouse.  Once the inventory arrives at our US dropshipping warehouse which takes about 10 business days.  After your inventory is stocked in our US dropshipping warehouse your orders will be processed the same day in the US Warehouse and ship via USPS in 2-5 days!  Your 30% deposit will be returned to you after your inventory has depleted.
By participating in this promotion, you will get: 
- FAST and STABLE delivery time (compared to ePacket, this is like delivery time on steroids)!
- NO Warehouse Fee!
- NO Loading Fee!
Take advantage of this promotion while it lasts!  This is an awesome deal that we are giving to our customers to experience using our US warehouse service.
Requirements to participate in this promotion:
- Total Product Value Per SKU must be $2,000 or above
-Must be a CJ customer to participate; you can easily register here.
Are you ready to start?  We've made a video and a step-by-step tutorial that shows how to place an inventory order through our CJ application. 
Contact your sales agents to give you the invoice and walk you through how to take advantage of the promotion!!
Our agents will contact you when the inventory has arrived in the US warehouse and ready to process. However, please note to continue the normal method of placing your current orders outside of this promotion.