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USPS Shipping Deadlines - PLAN AHEAD!

USPS Shipping Deadlines - PLAN AHEAD!
CJNov. 21, 2018 01:21:582060
This is the season to plan for your Christmas shipping deadlines!! Customers who are planning early are asking us what is the holiday shipping deadlines to hand packages to us so that the packages can get to the customers by Christmas!🤔🤔🤔



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This Holiday Shipping Deadline schedule is fresh from the USPS headquarter here in California; this was handed to us during our tour of the USPS facility (sorry I wanted to take photos for you guys but caught red-handed... :P, NO PHOTOS, and NO VIDEOS👹).
We don't use UPS or FedEx, so I'm going to skip those sections,
but let's jump right into the schedules:
1. USPS First Class and Priority Mail (Packages)= needs to be in the processing facility by DECEMBER 20TH, 2018 in order to guarantee delivery by Christmas Day.
Which means if you are using our US Warehouse, you can still place orders with us until December 18th, and we will still be able to get your package to your customers on time.
To learn more about how to use our US warehouse read below*.
2. APO/FPO (Army Post Office / Fleet Post Office) packages need to be in the processing facility by DECEMBER 16TH, 2018, in order to be delivered by Christmas Day. Exception, APO zip codes starting with "093" needs to be processed by December 6th, 2018 in order to be delivered by Christmas Day. 093 APO zip codes are going to our troops in: IRAQ / AFGHANISTAN / MIDDLE EAST
3. USPS Standard Parcel Post (Christmas cards, mails, etc) - These need to be mailed out by December 11, 2018, to guarantee delivery by Christmas.
If you want Santa to deliver your packages to your customers on time, please adhere to the schedule above, cuz the USPS elves are busy. How busy?
Fun facts:
In the City of Industry USPS processing facility alone, they have 10 processing lane, with each machine processing 5,000 - 6,000 packages per lane per hour.
Last year the day after Thanksgiving, they processed 470,000 pkgs a day in this facility😱😱😱
The two weeks right before Christmas they, this facility processed 500k - 600k packages per day!
Yearly package processed was around 128,000,000 pcs! That's why the City of Industry USPS processing center was called the world-class processing platform (I didn't name it, they named it themselves).
It's always amazing to see these big plants because I feel like I'm this microscopic ant that went inside watching the artery flow of the e-commerce economy in action, very very fascinating; but I feel like it's not a place for anyone who has claustrophobia to step foot in.
Anyway, enough rambling, start planning!
*If you decide to store your inventory in our US warehouse, we process your order the next day via USPS, and we are looking at 99.9% delivery rate.
Pros: FAST, really really fast!
Cons: only available in USA & adhere to our US warehouse terms below:
There are 2 ways to use the US Warehouse:
– Store your inventory (min $2,000 in value per SKU) by putting 30% down as a deposit. We will arrange for a bulk shipment to ship your inventory to our US warehouse. When the inventory information is uploaded to your CJ platform, you can start placing orders which will be delivery in 2-5 days by USPS+. The 30% deposit will be 100% returned back to you when your inventory depletes to $0. The only reason why we charge this is because we want to make sure you are serious about selling the product and not just staging it in our warehouse to collect spider webs for Halloween…
– You can choose to put 100% down on the inventory and the inventory value per SKU can be decreased to $1,000. If you choose this route, ask your CJ agent to see if they can give you some discounts on shipping. Same arrangement for the bulk shipments to come to our US warehouse, and we will process your orders next day in the US and have it delivered to your customers’ hands in 2-5 days.
NOTE: we don’t charge any warehouse fee, storage fee, or whatever fee, the only price we charge is the deposit (which will be returned back to you when the inventory depletes to $0), the price of the product + USPS+ shipping fee.



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