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The above is list of the top 100 best sellers on CJdropshipping in the past half month, ranked by growth. From the list, we can see the product names and their orders and growth. 56 Items got growth, the left items got a decrease. Many niches got good sales in the past fortnight but some are not

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11 Dropshipping Winning Products from Global Warehouses | 3-7 DAYS FREE SHIPPING

As the new year is coming, the Chinese Spring Festival is reaching the corner. All the factories and logistic companies are going to shut down and prepare for the holiday. Have you stocked products in China in advance? Or are you looking for a local supplier for your products? This article will i

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How to Set VAT in Your Store Regarding Brexit from 2021?

As a result of the Brexit Transition Period that ends on December 31st, 2020, the new UK VAT laws will come into force from January 1st, 2021. In this article, you will know about: 1. The details of VAT import regulations for the UK and EU from 2021. 2. What kinds of sellers are involved? 3. How to


Monthly Q & A on CJdropshipping | Why the Freight Is so Expensive and It Has Risen a Lot Recently?

Here are the 10 questions that CJ dropshippers mostly concerned about. Q1: Why CJ's shipping cost is so expensive, and the price has increased a lot recently? A: Most of our parcels are shipped by air and due to the second wave of the pandemic outbreak and the current the peak season of e-commerc

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How to Set a Default Shipping Method for My Store?

A default shipping method can help avoid repeated clicks when your store orders come into CJ. The orders meeting the requirements will have a shipping method automatically as what you set before. You can set the default shipping methods for two situations: 1. Set for your store; 2. Set for your


Why Your Dropshipping Store Get 0 Sales? Top 9 Mistakes to Avoid

We know that a dropshipping business is very easy to start, as you don't have to pre-stock or manage the shipment, it requires not too much budget to create an online site and run your business. Every day, there are a lot of people learning about dropshipping and start their business. But most of

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Annual Summary of 9 Proven Top-selling Dropshipping Winning Products on CJdropshipping

2020 is reaching the end. As a dropshipper, how was your dropshipping business this year? Are you hesitating whether to continue your dropshipping business or not in 2021? Or have you successfully become a 7 finger millionaire? Despite advertising, select the right niche and the right product wil

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New Facebook Advertising Policies | 6 Hacks to Avoid FB Ad Account Being Banned

Starting from November 17th, 2020, the new policy of daily advertising budget limit and the restriction of new account opening amount has been implemented, aiming to increase the number of high-quality customers. Let's take a look at the new policy. Facebook New Policies 1. Daily advertising bu


5 Amazing Websites to Spy on Product Data-Product Research

Product scraper websites are sharp choppers dropshippers use to hew a way through the eCom brambles. In this post, I'll focus on Commerce Inspector, Niche Scraper, Thieve, Product Mafia, and Pexda, these websites provide data mainly from AliExpress and Facebook ads, so they are really worthwhile to

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5 Major Event Recaps of the Ecom World in November | Dropshipping News

Here are five quick news that may affect your e-commerce business. 1. All cargo flights of CA are cancelled from 1st-10th Dec.2. Rejected packages exported to the US? China Post clear rumours.3. Aliexpress is no longer accept new Indian orders.4. Wish parent company submits a listing application.


What to Sell in Dec.? Top 100 Bestsellers & Big Gainers on CJdropshipping

Here's the list of the top 100 best sellers on CJ Dropshipping in Nov., ranked by growth. From the list, we can see the product names and their orders and growth. Some had sharp growth, but some got negative growth. And many niches got good sales in the previous month, I marked the same niche wit

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Global Dropshipping Warehouses

CJ is always devoted to offering global products source and warehouses for dropshippers. Meanwhile, more and more warehouses have cooperated with CJ. They are known as CJ Supplier Warehouses. Let's have a brief introduction to them. 1. How many warehouses does CJ have? 2. What are the advantages o

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