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What is Dropshipping Business? How Does It Work?

Many friends who are doing foreign business often meet the question from foreigners that if they are offering the dropship service. And many people will ask: What does dropshipping mean? What is dropshipping business? Dropshipping is a process of order fulfillment that happens when products are shi

About Dropshipping

Why do we write a lower value on a package?

Some customers are complaining about the price we wrote on the ePacket package lately, so we clarify this behavior right here to eliminate the misunderstanding. First of all, everything ship from one country to another country have to declare the value. That is government policy. Frankly speaking,


How to Connect ShipStation with CJ?

Shipstation is a software company that helps eCommerce entrepreneurs to be more efficient at processing, fulfilling, and shipping their orders. It combines order processing, production of shipping labels, and customer communication in ShipStation platform. I use both Shipstation and CJ, how can

Why Use a Dropship Service and The Best Dropship Services of 2017

A dropship service is more than just a wholesaler that ships and fulfills orders for you. They are one-stop-shops that offer products from multiple suppliers and include options that make it easier to add products to the website or online marketplace (Amazon, Ebay, etc.) you plan to sell them on.T

About Dropshipping

The Development of International ePacket and Its Charging Standard

Aliexpress has already been applied the new logistics delivery policy since 1th, July, 2016. This policy ruled definitely that, except special item commodities, the sellers have no rights to use the Offline economic class logistics (that’s means have no tracking information) . The updated logistic


How to Run Facebook Ads and Promote Products?

The growth and development of e-commerce don’t fail to surprise even shock consumers and businesses alike. Retailers are seeing fewer and fewer shoppers making in-store purchases, while web purchases are increasingly lucrative. Products and services that were once deemed improbable (or impossible



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