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Prediction: 10 Trending POD Products to Sell in 2019

Prediction: 10 Trending POD Products to Sell in 2019
CJJan. 04, 2019 09:55:031878

Happy New Year, everyone! In retrospect, did you get a bountiful harvest in Print-on-Demand business in 2018? If not, introspect the last year’s work and formulate your new plan. If you’ve got a huge success, go for it. A new year is a new start.


To succeed in e-commerce business, mastering three skills is vital. That is profitable, in-demand products to sell and marketing techniques. So today I want to introduce some in-demand POD products in some niches and I hope this article can help you guys to get a head start. The products here are in no particular order.


And all the trending products on this list can be found on CJ app platform.




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T-shirt and hoody is an essential POD product. According to the data of the CJ platform, both T-shirt and hoody are sold well and both dropshippers and customers can design by themselves, like print logos or print some words.


And the following picture is just an example for you to know how to personalize the hoody. Because we cannot leak the clients’ design out, so the picture is just designed by myself for reference.



Why is T-shirt and hoody a necessity for POD and easy to open market? There are two reasons. For personal function, T-shirt and hoody are a fashion that never fades. You can find many fashionable clothes derive from basic styles. Both stars and ordinary people like wearing T-shirt and hoody. It becomes amazing if you can design one of them by yourself and create your own fashion style. For groups, they are prior choice if unitized clothes are required in an activity, and people always wanna marked logos be printed.


So T-shirt and hoody will continually occupy its market in POD business.  


2. Jewelry  

Making the list, jewelry is one the most favorite POD products. And with this category, you can find a lot of products than can be customized. And most times, jewelry represent many meanings for people. For example, it may be a gift, a souvenir given by your family, friends or the beloved. So people do like print personal photos or some meaningful words on jewelry.


There are many competent POD products derive from jewelry category like necklace:




Watches skyrocket to POD products in recent years in dropshipping business, and are very popular to young people who prefer to send a personalized watch to boyfriend or girlfriend as a gift.





Never forget rings if you want to start your niche business.





3. Athleisure  

Athleisure with personal painting has been popular for many years. But it always costs a lot to ask a particular person to paint as you required. And with the development of POD droshipping business and the printing technology, there are many manufacturers being able to print pictures perfectly as you required. POD Athleisure are very popular with people who want to build their own styles.



Within this category you can sell everything relative to it like shirts, pants,, sports bras, tank tops, headbands, and shoes, all in countless colors and styles and all can be customized. So you can take this niche in several directions: as a standalone store, as a product collection within the fashion niche, or you can market your products within one of the many fitness sub-niches.


4. Phone Shell  

Phone shell is also a good choice for 2019 POD business. According to the date from CJ, niches with photo shell have got success for most store owners. As you know, phone shell is a derivation of mobile phone that has been a necessity in human’s daily life. How necessary the smartphones is in daily life, how popular the customized phone shell will be. Do you want to put unique clothes on your precious smartphones? It is the motivation that drives people to buy different kinds of phone shell, and it would be better if it’s able to be customized. And I believe it won’t fade unless something with the same function replaces it. So it is still a trending POD product in 2019.




5. Backpack/Bag  

Printing logos is common but people have more ideas like Print the photo of pets, families on the backpack. For example, this is a very hot product both sold on AliExpress and CJApp, and I believe it will last in 2019. Besides, there are many other bags you can both sell on your niche.




If you want to pack your products, POD plastic bags are good choice.





6. Diamond Painting

Custom diamond painting is popular in 2018 and according to the data, it will be known by more and more people.



The last three kinds of POD products may not surprise very much, but they are very common and popular for a long time. And I think they still occupy a large POD market in dropshipping business according to the data from CJ.


7. Mug  




8. Wallet




9. Jersey




10. Cap




If you have any questions, please let us know.


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