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Top 10 Print on Demand Categories in 2018

Top 10 Print on Demand Categories in 2018
CJDec. 18, 2018 08:49:14960




Print on demand (POD), an emerging retail fulfillment method in dropshipping business is very popular at present and I believe it will last for a long time. And it is a new method for CJ Dropshiping partners to attract more customers into their stores, build their own brands and form their own competence and characteristics. Surely it becomes possible to provide unique products to customers as designed by them.


Thus, believe me, print on demand products are more competent than ordinary products. It's awesome if you ask now that what kind of product is more suitable and popular for custom design. And this is the article for reference if you are confused by how to start your POD business or what goods you should choose.


This article is about the top 10 POD categories in 2018.




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1. Jewelry


Actually, POD is not strange in our daily life, we must have bought customized T-shirts for class activities when we were young. So you guess the top 1 category should be T-shirts, in fact, it is not.


The first category is Jewelry. Surprising but reasonable!



Jewelry, one of the most attractive things for women, creates large value in 2018. It has lots of variants like necklaces, bracelet, rings, pendants, etc. You know, women with large purchasing power is a prospective market. And I believe jewelry will still be popular in 2019.  


After all, jewelry is beautiful enough to seize women’s eyes and they are wonderful gifts too for men to cater to their beloved.


So if you want to start your POD business, Jewelry could be the first choice.




2. T-Shirts


Then it is the T-shirt that never fades on POD categories.


When you take part in activities with your families, friends, classmates,  workmates, customized T-shirts printed with self-designed logos or pictures are always the best choice for you. Thus POD T-shirts are always favorites to persons and groups.  





3. Mugs


The third is mugs.        


Mugs are also popular products for POD. Sometimes people ask merchants to print words or engrave photos for them. Like shows in the next picture, you can express your whole imagination there. And the mug is necessary for your life.



Did you know there is a very interesting mug that becomes a hot product in 2018 dropshiopping? That is Heat Discoloration Mug whose color will change when hot water is poured in, especially the customized picture you demand will appear gradually. How wonderful it is!



And this is a video for you to know how interesting it is. 


4. Hoodies


Hoodies are classic both for women and men. So there is no doubt that it is one of the main categories of POD products. And these two hoodies are very hot both on CJapp and AliExpress.






5. Hats & caps


Most customers ask to print words on hats and caps and usually print their names or funny words there.





6. Watches


How to customize a watch? Engrave your photos on the dashboard. Any pictures you like. So as a souvenir, it is very popular with couples and friends. Beautiful watches are here and there, but your personal creative watch is unique. Thus POD watches is very hot in 2018.





7. Phone Cases


Put on clothing for your phones. With different colors and pictures, phone cases are always popular since it comes into being. And the data from CJapp shows the cases of iPhone and Samsung are most popular.






8. Wallets


The next category is wallets. Although they're not so hot like the former ones, they are still sold well too. As shown in the following picture, we can help you engrave photos and print words for you and your customers.





9. Pillows


A good pillow for you guys, to warm the whole winter.





10. Belt buckle


Bring your beloved everywhere. Photos are engraved on the belt buckle, a creative idea, and it is very popular in 2018.



I believe POD will be the main trend in later years in dropshipping business and it is never too late to start your POD business.


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