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Overview of Southeast Asia's E-commerce Market

Market size The number of Internet users in Southeast Asia, and particularly in the 6 largest ASEAN countries, add up to create a largely untapped market. There are eleven countries in Southeast Asia and 87% of the population of Southeast Asia are in 6 of them, namely Indonesia, Philippines, Viet

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Overview of E-commerce in Netherlands

The Netherlands is a small country. Nonetheless, it always tries to play a significant role, be it economically, politically or in sports. The country is well known for its highly open economy, inclined heavily towards international trade. There are several e-commerce events which take place in Net

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Current Information, Top 5 Websites and 6 Tips of E-commerce in Korea

Current e-commerce information about Korea E-commerce status in Korea Korea is home to 51.2 million people with a total GDP of 1.4 trillion USD and is ranked as the 14th richest country, it has the seventh largest e-commerce market in the world and the third-largest in Asia. (China $563 billion,

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Get to Know Overall About The Ecommerce Market of Japan

Market size Japan is the third-largest economy entity in the world with a population of 127 million. Japan has a unique basic environment, which makes it a fertile ground for cross-border e-commerce. They have the habit of shopping online with average online spending $1,164. The Japanese e-commer

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Everything about India's Ecommerce Market

Market size and growth One of the most critical markets for e-commerce, India is a very large and rapidly growing market for online shopping. The Indian e-commerce market is expected to grow to US$ 200 billion by 2026 from US$ 38.5 billion as of 2017. Much growth in the industry has been triggere

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E-commerce Growth and Top 8 Websites in Australia

General information about Australia Population: 24,772,247GDP based on purchasing power parity (PPP): 1,246,475Nominal GDP: 1,379,578GDP growth rate: 2.20%Number of Internet users: 20,679,490Internet penetration: 85.10%Smartphone users: 16,671,000Smartphone penetration: 67.70% The status of e-c

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Insights into the Growth of Israel E-commerce

General information about Israel GDP: 286 millionTotal Population: 8.20 millionAge Breakdown: 37.8% of the population in Israel are between 25 and 54 years old. Religion: Israel is a Jewish country, with the majority of inhabitants (75.4%) following Judaism.Urban Population: 92% E-commerce fact

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Mexico's Growing E-commerce Industry and Top E-commerce Platforms

Market size Mexico has a population of over 130 million and the marketplace industry is booming, offering online marketplaces an incredible opportunity to expand their business in the country with the second-largest population in Latin America. Although Brazil has a larger population, according t

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Prospects of E-commerce in Nigeria, As Well As Top 10 E-commerce Websites

General information about Nigeria Population: 195,875,237 Number of Internet Users: 86,219,965 Internet Penetration: 46.10% Mobile Phone Users: 28,381,000 Mobile Phone Penetration: 14.80% Language Spoken: English The top 3 products/product categories for Nigerian online buyers include services, b

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An overview of e-commerce in Thailand

Size and growth The third largest economy of Southeast Asia, Thailand has one of the region’s highest number of internet users. There are approximately 57 million internet users in the country that are well-versed in the use of digital technologies, mobile, and e-commerce. The growing

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Everything You Want to Know about E-commerce in Germany

General information about GermanyPopulation: 82,293,457Number of Internet Users: 71,016,605Internet Penetration: 88.00%Mobile Phone Users: 55,492,000Mobile Phone Penetration: 68.80%Language Spoken: German Europe is a good choice for dropshippers with its sound infrastructure and high per capita inc

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E-commerce Growth with General Information and Top 10 Websites in Vietnam

General information about Vietnam Population: 96,491,146Number of Internet Users: 49,063,762Internet Penetration: 52.00%Mobile Phone Users: 25,162,000Mobile Phone Penetration: 26.40%Language Spoken: German Overview of Vietnam e-commerce market According to surveys, more than half of Vietnam's Int

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